Ah-Deen, Dvah, Tree (1,2,3)! Scenarios Where A Russian Translation Company Is Needed

Russian is not an easy language to learn, given the Cyrillic alphabet and gutteral pronunciations. While it is not one of the most common languages spoken in the U.S., there are still times and places where an interpreter is needed. If any of the three following scenarios apply to you, you can get help from a Russian translation company.

Court Translator

Cases involving Russian immigrants and visitors almost always require a translator. Cases involving Russian mobsters also often require translators. It may be just for verbal translation purposes, or you may need a translator so that all of the court documents are in the defendant's, witness's, or plaintiff's native Russian. A fair trial is hardly fair if everyone in the courtroom cannot understand what is said or written.

Human/Social Services Translator

Russian immigrants and Russian defectors to the U.S. often seek out human services for financial support until they can get jobs and start earning a paycheck. The problem is that they often cannot speak enough English to answer questions about where they came from and why they are seeking financial support, or their Russian accents are still so thick that the social workers cannot understand what is being said. To avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication, a Russian translator is needed.

Foreign Exchange Students 

Hosting and educating a Russian foreign exchange student can be a very interesting and exciting exchange of ideas and cultures. However, if you host a younger student whose English is not so good, you may have some difficulty communicating and understanding each other. Be prepared for that possibility by securing the services of a Russian translator. In the event that you do get a student who speaks sufficient and clear English, then you can use the translator's services only for those times where you need help with a difficult social or cultural situation.

Translating and Transcribing Letters and Emails

Formulating a long-distance friendship with someone who is Russian can be fun and exciting. What is not fun and exciting is trying to understand the broken English or lack of English in your friend's emails or letters. A Russian translator can transcribe these for you, and maybe even catch on to some cultural phrases that have a slightly different nuance or meaning in Russian than they do in English. In short, your Russian friend may be trying to make a long-distance love connection, and you would not know it without the translator's help!